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Colourful, engaging Jigsaw Puzzles to entertain and challenge the most discerning puzzler.

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There are many Scarecrow Festivals held around the country.
Our local one, Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales, is celebrated in August each year. It is amazing and inspirational to see how creative people can be by stuffing old clothes full of straw and hay!
This is my idea of a great festival full of characters.

Beachcomber's Garden

This illustration was inspired by my own garden and a wonderful garden on the Isle of Mull called Lip na Cloiche.

Curious Creatures

Featuring Insects, Animals, Birds and Sea Life.


Roots & Shoots

A seasonal glimpse into the world of nature
from above and below ground.

Garden in Bloom

For the appreciation of beautiful gardens and for the love of gardening and your pets.

Verity's Vintage Shop

Full of treasures from the past, Ceramics, Toys, Posters and Signs.


From spring, bursting with young life to the warmth of summer, through the colours of autumn into a winter wonderland.

Pots & Penny Farthings

An interesting array of salvage from chimney pots to modes of transport. A collector’s paradise of quirky, inspirational features to adorn the garden or home.


A riot of colourful sheds and delicious home grown produce of succulent fruit and vegetables.


Vintage vehicles and signs from the past, bringing back memories of a more leisurely way of travel.

Can you spot Ralphie?

Ralphie Rabbit features in every Jigsaw Puzzle

I paint little Ralphie Rabbit into every one of my jigsaw puzzles. He has become my lucky rabbit.
When we moved into our barn, which is in the middle of a field, we were inundated with rabbits coming into the garden. They ate all the juicy saplings we had planted while we were trying to establish a lovely garden from meadowland. 

We tried lots of ways to deter them, including catching them in a humane trap with tasty food, and taking them five miles up the dales and releasing them on the heather covered hills. Apparently, it needed to be at least five miles because rabbits can find their way home at a lesser distance.

Although the rabbits caused a lot of trouble and probably cost us a lot of money to renew the eaten plants, we did find it fun. So, as rabbits seem to have become a part of our lives, I just felt they needed to be featured in my artwork.

Ralphie Rabbit
Can you spot Ralphie?
janice-daughters garden in bloom
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Ralphie Rabbit