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jigsaw puzzle

Garden in Bloom jigsaw puzzle front
Garden in Bloom jigsaw puzzle back


A love of wildlife was the inspiration for this jigsaw puzzle design.

This illustration is available as a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.


INSECTS – We try to encourage as many insects as we can into our garden by providing good habitats and not being too tidy. We allow some nettles to grow so butterflies thrive and plant specially selected plants for pollinators. The different variety of bees is lovely to see.

ANIMALS – Living in the countryside, there are so many animals that can be seen in our surrounding area. We are particularly lucky to have Stoats visit us. One year, a family of seven stoats were raised within a stone wall in our garden.

BIRDS – Our garden is home to a variety of birdlife. Our favourites are woodpeckers, wrens and robins. Each year, Mallard Ducks spend the spring and summer months raising their young ducklings. We provide a shallow pool for them to swim in. Not far away, on the North Yorkshire Coast, are breeding grounds for Puffins and Gannets as well as other sea birds. We like to visit this area whenever we can.

SEA LIFE – The West Coast of Scotland is our holiday destination, and we love to see our old friends the seals and otters on the shoreline; also exploring the coast, beach-combing for sea shells and interesting pieces of driftwood, which I use to decorate my garden.

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Garden in Bloom

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